Our business

Since 1998 we have been developing hardware-based encryption products to high- end customers like the military, governments and large institutions.

Our patented and awarded hardware encryption platform is currently utilized to secure data at rest on laptops, hard disks, USB flash sticks and other storage media. Currently, our hardware encryption technology is the most secure technology in the world.

Our industry, the Cybersecurity industry, is by far the fastest growing IT segment, mainly driven by increased connectivity and mobility. We know that cybercrime will follow the same path of growth and transformation, and adapt to the changes in the industry. That’s why we are looking for new ways to utilize our expertise, protecting all kind of data in all digital forms against theft and misuse.

Our customers benefit from being able to implement the strongest cryptographic algorithms commercially available, designed to meet security certification standards such as FIPS 140-2 Level 3.

We acknowledge that we are a small, niche player in a large and growing ecosystem of cybersecurity providers and consultant. Going forward we will continue the focus on innovation, developing high quality products, find new partners and create value for our customers and shareholders. We will continue to prevent unauthorized access to data and fight cybercrime.


In 1998, a team of computer industry veterans saw a growing need to protect valuable data at rest on storage media like hard disk drives. During its first years, Hiddn spent time on developing a software algorithm for a new hardware encryption solution where all encryption keys were stored on an external token. The concept was promising enough for the US Ministry of Defence to extend a funding grant of USD 10 million in 2003, and further development led to FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certifications in 2005 / 2007 as well as Common Criteria certification in 2006. However, although the proprietary software algorithm represented novel intellectual property (“IP”), purely developing a software algorithm was insufficient to gain customer interest.

Hiddn develops a hardware encrypted laptop

After 10 years with traditional start-up challenges Hiddn received funding from venture capitalists in 2009 and started to develop and launched its first prototype product: This was the encrypted laptop hard drive named Secure featuring hardware with integrated software – an encrypted laptop hard drive named SecureD.

Producing a physical object attracted some attention (the US Navy purchased some 300 units), however, the shape of the physical drive – some of which utilised rotating disks – did not match the new form factors developing in the market featuring thinner laptops and more compact storage media (e.g., solid state drives (“SSD’s”)).

Listing on Oslo Stock Exchange and strategic repositioning

In 2016 a new era started for Hiddn, a business combination with a company listed on Oslo Børs (OSE) opened new opportunities for the company. Hiddn is currently facing a commercial scaling of its products and has commenced efforts on establishing strategic alliances and reseller agreements with leading European partners.

Board of directors

Øystein Tvenge – Chairman

Øystein Tvenge (1955) has long experience with venture capital and financial investments. He has served as board member of numerous companies, both listed and unlisted, including serving as chairman and board member at Agresso Group ASA. Unit 4 B.V, International Business Systems AB, Aveny Eiendom AS and Fast Search & Transfer ASA.  He is the founder of Intelco Conecpt AS, which is one of the Company’s largest shareholders. Øystein Tvenge holds a Bachelor in Marketing and Administration from NMH, Oslo.

Mr. Tvenge has served the Board in Hiddn Solutions since January 2017.

Cecile Grue – Board member

Cecilie Grue (1970)  is the founder and CEO of Personal Style Society AS. She is also director of legal affairs in Bionor Pharma ASA (part-time position). She has previously been partner in the law-firm Wikborg Rein and legal council at the Oslo Stock Exchange. Ms. Grue serves as board member in several companies, including Mobile Software AS, Intex Resources ASA and Rosenlund AS. Ms. Grue owns 20 000 shares in Hiddn Solutions ASA. Ms. Grue has a law degree from the University of Oslo.

Ms. Grue has served the Board in Hiddn Solutions since November 2016.

Jan Christian Opsahl, board member

Mr. Opsah (1949) is the Owner and Chairman of Dallas Asset Management AS. He was the Founder, President and Chairman/ CEO of Tandberg ASA from 1988 to 2010 at which point the Company was sold to Cisco Systems Inc. for 19.4 billion NOK. Mr. Opsah was Chairman of TANDBERG Television ASA from 1989 to 2007 at which point the Company was sold to L.M. Ericsson for 8.8 billion NOK. He was President/Chairman of Tomra Systems ASA from 1986 to 2008, Vice Chairman of Komplett ASA from 1996 to 2004, Board Member of REC Solar from 2013 to 2015 and Board Member of NEL Hydrogen ASA from 2014 to 2017. Mr. Opsah is currently a Board Member of Storebrand ASA. He has lived in total 25 years in Argentina, Brasil, UK and the USA. Mr. Opsahl holds a degree in Business and a Diploma in Computer Science, both from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. He is also a Sloan Fellow from London Business School/M.I.T. He is an elected member of the Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences.

Mr. Opsahl has served the Board in Hiddn Solutions ASA since June 2017.

Jeanette Dyhre Kvisvik, board member

Jeanette Dyhre Kvisvik (1972) is the CEO and co-founder of Villoid, a global shopping platform for influencers on social media. Ms. Dyhre Kvisvik has a proven track record in management, marketing and building start-ups. She was the CEO of Telenor Mobile Media, responsible for creating B2C business for Telenor based on scalable e-commerce models and new media models (influencers). She was also a CEO and founder of Liquid Barcodes, a mobile tech company built through the financial crisis in 2008 before Telenor acquired it in 2013. Further, Ms. Dyhre Kvisvik has experience from management and business consulting in McKinsey and Burson-Marsteller. She has been elected in to the board of Pandox (Stockholm Stock Exchange). Further, she was voted one of the most inspiring women in tech in Europe in 2017. Ms Dyhre Kvisvik has a law degree from the University in Bergen.

Ms. Dyhre Kvisvik has served the Board in Hiddn Solutions since June 2017.

Svein Willassen, board member

Svein Willassen (1974) is the CEO and Co-founder of Confrer AS, a Norwegian start-up providing videoconferencing services. Before founding Confrer AS in 2017 he was the VP in the videoconference service appear.in in Telenor Digital AS. Dr. Willassen has more than 20 years’ experience from software engineering and development of digital services both in Telenor and private start-ups. He has previously worked as a Digital Forensics investigator in the Norwegian Police Computer Crime Center at Økokrim and at Ibas AS and has significant experience with extracting data and present them as evidence. Dr Willassen holds a M.Sc from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and a Ph.D. in Digital Forensics from the same institution.  Dr. Willassen has served the Board in Hiddn Solutions since June 2017.

Management team

Carl Espen Wollebekk, CEO
Mr. Wollebekk has broad experience within the ICT-industry. Former experience includes being CFO in Atea ASA (Merkantildata ASA) and Tandberg Data ASA as well as managing director in OMASS AS (later listed on Oslo Børs and renamed Tandberg Storage ASA). During the last ten years, Mr. Wollebekk has held the position as managing director in Orion Securities ASA and later managing partner in Arkwright Corporate Finance AS. He has also served as a board member in several companies listed on Oslo Børs, including Kitron ASA and Atea ASA (Ementor ASA). Mr. Wollebekk holds a Master of Business Administration from Schiller International University in London following his BsC (Econ) and Master of Science studies from Copenhagen Business School.

Tore Viana-Rønningen, Strategic Advisor
Mr. Viana-Rønningen is a professional within business development and has experience from venture and growth capital firms investing in health service, medtech and natural resource companies operating out of UK and Norway. Former and current directorships include CEO of listed medtech company; chairman and non-executive director of listed and private companies.

Hans Willy Flisnes – Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Flisnes has more than 25 years experience in engineering, marketing, business development and sales. Previous experience include being CEO of Ancom AS, a maker of patented ferrite antennas, sales director of NextGenTel AS (TeliaSonera BBS N) where he held the position as Sales Director, B2B. He has also a broad experience within utility-, mobility-, trunk-, broadcast- and defence networks, including monitoring and control. He has also a background in establishing operational equipment manufacturers, joint venture agreements and related operations. In 2011 he took the position as Chief Sales Officer (CSO) in Hiddn Security AS, with the responsibility for global sales and distributions of technology and product portfolio.

Erik Solhjell – Managing Director
Mr. Solhjell will serve as managing director in Hiddn from 1 February 2017. Mr. Solhjell has several decades of experience within IT; In 1972 he joined Tandberg and invented the streaming tape drive technology that is now universally used for almost all digital tape drives for data backup and in Tandberg and Tandberg Data he was the head of development in this field for several years. In 2009, Mr. Solhjell co-founded General Storage & Technology AS, with specific focus on cloud storage and especially security issues related to cloud storage. In 2014, he started his own consulting company, Evaktor AS with the same focus on IT security. Mr. Solhjell has a master of science in Electronics from the Technical University of Trondheim, Norway.

Atle Haga – Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Haga has worked as chief technology officer in Hiddn since May 2012. He was the co-founder of Digitas AS, a consulting company well recognized for expertise FPGA and ASIC design and verification. He was part of establishing and expanding the Oslo office for Nordic Semiconductor ASA and also positioning the ASIC design at Alcatel Telecom Norway as a resource center within the Alcatel group in Europe.

Advisory board

Our Advisory Board represents market leading competency within digital espionage, economic crime, white collar crime, software engineering, as well as industrial scaling and international commercialisation of Norwegian technology.

Kjell Grandhagen
Retired Lt. General with 43 years of experience from the Norwegian Army, and the former Head of the Norwegian Intelligence Services for six years until January 2016.

Petter Gottschalk
Professor at the Norwegian Business School with specialty in cybercrime, white collar and organised crime, formerly CEO of amongst others the Norwegian Computing Center and Norwegian Information Technology A/S.

Ola Tronrud
One of Norway’s leading industry developers, founder and owner of Tronrud Engineering and the owner of Moss Jern- og Stanseindustri AS.

Svein Willassen
Dr. Willassen is the CEO and Co-founder of Confrer AS, a Norwegian start-up providing videoconferencing services. He has more than 20 years’ experience from software engineering, development of digital services and a proven track record as a digital forensics investigator.