Our business

Since 1998 we have been developing hardware-based encryption products to high- end customers like the military, governments and large institutions.

Our patented and awarded hardware encryption platform is currently utilized to secure data at rest on laptops, hard disks, USB flash sticks and other storage media. Currently, our hardware encryption technology is the most secure technology in the world.

Our industry, the Cybersecurity industry, is by far the fastest growing IT segment, mainly driven by increased connectivity and mobility. We know that cybercrime will follow the same path of growth and transformation, and adapt to the changes in the industry. That’s why we are looking for new ways to utilize our expertise, protecting all kind of data in all digital forms against theft and misuse.

Our customers benefit from being able to implement the strongest cryptographic algorithms commercially available, designed to meet security certification standards such as FIPS 140-2 Level 3.

We acknowledge that we are a small, niche player in a large and growing ecosystem of cybersecurity providers and consultant. Going forward we will continue the focus on innovation, developing high quality products, find new partners and create value for our customers and shareholders. We will continue to prevent unauthorized access to data and fight cybercrime.


In 1998, a team of computer industry veterans saw a growing need to protect valuable data at rest on storage media like hard disk drives. During its first years, Hiddn spent time on developing a software algorithm for a new hardware encryption solution where all encryption keys were stored on an external token. The concept was promising enough for the US Ministry of Defence to extend a funding grant of USD 10 million in 2003, and further development led to FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certifications in 2005 / 2007 as well as Common Criteria certification in 2006. However, although the proprietary software algorithm represented novel intellectual property (“IP”), purely developing a software algorithm was insufficient to gain customer interest.

Hiddn develops a hardware encrypted laptop

After 10 years with traditional start-up challenges Hiddn received funding from venture capitalists in 2009 and started to develop and launched its first prototype product: This was the encrypted laptop hard drive named Secure featuring hardware with integrated software – an encrypted laptop hard drive named SecureD.

Producing a physical object attracted some attention (the US Navy purchased some 300 units), however, the shape of the physical drive – some of which utilised rotating disks – did not match the new form factors developing in the market featuring thinner laptops and more compact storage media (e.g., solid state drives (“SSD’s”)).

Listing on Oslo Stock Exchange and strategic repositioning

In 2016 a new era started for Hiddn, a business combination with a company listed on Oslo Børs (OSE) opened new opportunities for the company. Hiddn is currently facing a commercial scaling of its products and has commenced efforts on establishing strategic alliances and reseller agreements with leading European partners.