The Board of Directors

Øystein Tvenge – Chairman

Øystein Tvenge (1955) has long experience with venture capital and financial investments. He has served as board member of numerous companies, both listed and unlisted, including serving as chairman and board member at Agresso Group ASA. Unit 4 B.V, International Business Systems AB, Aveny Eiendom AS and Fast Search & Transfer ASA.  He is the founder of Intelco Conecpt AS, which is one of the Company’s largest shareholders. Øystein Tvenge holds a Bachelor in Marketing and Administration from NMH, Oslo.

Mr. Tvenge has served the Board in Hiddn Solutions since January 2017

Cecile Grue – Board member

Cecilie Grue (1970)  is the founder and CEO of Personal Style Society AS. She is also director of legal affairs in Bionor Pharma ASA (part-time position). She has previously been partner in the law-firm Wikborg Rein and legal council at the Oslo Stock Exchange. Ms. Grue serves as board member in several companies, including Mobile Software AS, Intex Resources ASA and Rosenlund AS. Ms. Grue owns 20 000 shares in Hiddn Solutions ASA. Ms. Grue has a law degree from the University of Oslo.

Ms. Grue has served the Board in Hiddn Solutions since November 2016

 Jan Christian Opsahl, board member

Jan Christian Opsahl (1949) is the CEO of Dallas Asset Management. He has severe experience from executive management in numerous companies including Komplett ASA, Tandberg/Cisco and Tomra Systems ASA. Further, Mr. Opsahl has held board positions in both listed and unlisted companies including Komplett ASA, REC Solar ASA, Tomra Systems ASA and Tandberg ASA. Currently, Mr Opsahl serve as a board member in Storebrand ASA and Dallas Asset Management. Mr. Opsahl holds a M.Sc. Sloan Fellow from London Business School, Computer Science and a Bachelor of Art from the University of Strathclyde, Glascow, UK.

Mr. Opsahl has served the Board in Hiddn Solutions since June 2017

Jeanette Dyhre Kvisvik, board member

Jeanette Dyhre Kvisvik (1972) is the CEO and co-founder of Villoid, a global shopping platform for influencers on social media. Ms. Dyhre Kvisvik has a proven track record in management, marketing and building start-ups. She was the CEO of Telenor Mobile Media, responsible for creating B2C business for Telenor based on scalable e-commerce models and new media models (influencers). She was also a CEO and founder of Liquid Barcodes, a mobile tech company built through the financial crisis in 2008 before Telenor acquired it in 2013. Further, Ms. Dyhre Kvisvik has experience from management and business consulting in McKinsey and Burson-Marsteller. She has been elected in to the board of Pandox (Stockholm Stock Exchange). Further, she was voted one of the most inspiring women in tech in Europe in 2017. Ms Dyhre Kvisvik has a law degree from the University in Bergen.

Ms. Dyhre Kvisvik has served the Board in Hiddn Solutions since June 2017.

Svein Willassen, board member

Svein Willassen (1974) is the CEO and Co-founder of Confrer AS, a Norwegian start-up providing videoconferencing services. Before founding Confrer AS in 2017 he was the VP in the videoconference service in Telenor Digital AS. Dr. Willassen has more than 20 years’ experience from software engineering and development of digital services both in Telenor and private start-ups. He has previously worked as a Digital Forensics investigator in the Norwegian Police Computer Crime Center at Økokrim and at Ibas AS and has significant experience with extracting data and present them as evidence. Dr Willassen holds a M.Sc from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and a Ph.D. in Digital Forensics from the same institution.

Dr. Willassen has served the Board in Hiddn Solutions since June 2017.