KryptoDisk 2- encrypted portable drive (SSD)

Enabling a safe USB environment

KryptoDisk 2 is the perfect solution for transportation of data between the office and home, for travelling with sensitive data, for working between office branches and for moving sensitive data between systems and platforms. KryptoDisk 2 operates either as a generic external storage or as a bootable external disk. A secure bootable disk makes it possible to use virtually any computer and still operate in a secure environment.

The GDPR compliant KryptoDisk 2  offers a distinctly superior level of security and ensures that sensitive information stays confidential and unavailable to unauthorised access, even if the device is lost or stolen.

Security features

  • Fully encrypted external hard drive connecting through USB
  • Pre-boot authentication PIN
  • Two factor authentication
  • Encryption key deleted when drive is not connected to a PC / laptop
  • User friendly; the user only needs to insert a smart card and a pin code
  • Operate independently of PC’s operating system

KryptoDisk 2  – selfkey
This is the ideal product if you want to be in control of your data, PIN and PUK.

KryptoDisk 2 – user primary and user data restore
With the user primary – and user restore card you can have an extra set with PIN/PUK stored in a safe place.

KryptoDisk 2 – KMS
By replacing the Hiddn “Selfkey” smart card with a managed smart card the IT department can keep control of keys, units and users.

The design is based on proven Hiddn encryption modules and provides large storage capacities. In addition, KryptoDisk 2 features fast transfer rates coupled with a high degree of data security all in a small form factor cabinet.

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