KryptoDisk - Encrypted USB 3.1  SSD

Based on market studies and requests from key customers, we are now introducing KryptoDisk, a secure USB environment.

  • Fully encrypted external hard drive connecting through USB (SSD/HDD)
  • Two factor authentication
  • Encryption key deleted when drive is not connected to a PC / laptop
  • User friendly; the user only needs to insert a smart card and a pin code
  • Operate independently of PC’s operating system
  • Bootable

The design is based on proven Hiddn encryption modules and provides large storage capacities. In addition, the USB Drive features fast transfer rates coupled with a high degree of data security all in a small form factor cabinet.  The USB drive will be equipped with a built-in keyboard, display and a keycard reader for easy and reliable authentication.

Please contact our sales department if you want to know more about our new USB drive.