Encrypted USB Drive

Based on market studies and requests from key customers, we are in the process of completing the first version of a new USB-enabled external disk storage unit with built-in hardware encryption.

  • Fully encrypted external hard drive connecting through USB (SSD/HDD)
  • Pre-boot authentication PIN Two factor authentication
  • Encryption key deleted when drive is not connected to a PC / laptop
  • User friendly; the user only needs to insert a smart card and a pin code
  • Operate independently of PC’s operating system

The design is based on proven Hiddn encryption modules and provides large storage capacities. In addition, the USB Drive features fast transfer rates coupled with a high degree of data security all in a small form factor cabinet.  The USB drive will be equipped with a built-in keyboard, display and a keycard reader for easy and reliable authentication.

The SSD version of this product is expected to feature storage capacity of up to 1TB. We expect to launch the new USB drive during the second half of 2017.

Please contact our sales department if you want to know more about our new USB drive.